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Borders... exist only in our minds


"Colours as destiny: Uwe Czerwinski's unexpected journey into art"

Uwe Czerwinski, a German artist. Or more precisely: an artist from the Ruhr region - where people say what they think. Born in 1964 - the perfect age for art.

He found his way to painting late in life, which is rather unusual. In the first three decades of his life, he had no contact with art. It was only a spontaneous impulse to creatively design a piece of furniture that sparked his interest in painting. Although his first project - painting a table top with simple shapes - began modestly, and the next attempts at painting ended at least as modestly, it sparked a deep enthusiasm and marked the beginning of an unexpected artistic journey.

Czerwinski's path to painting was characterised by the desire to give his life a new, deeper meaning. After various creative forays into areas such as writing, chess and other fisimatums, which he did not pursue as a career - due to a lack of talent... he finally found his true calling in painting. Colour became his medium for creating expression and vibrancy. And to surprise himself again and again.

Today, many years later, Czerwinski's works are known and loved by collectors throughout Germany. He has participated in both solo and group exhibitions, in both real and virtual spaces. His artistic journey, whose destination and direction he leaves open, is characterised by a passion for life, painting and a constant curiosity as to where his (creative) path will lead him.


"Painting without limits: The artist's passionate colour experiments"

My art is primarily about playing with colours, less about fixed forms or the categories 'abstract' and 'representational'. My painting is a constant experimentation, a process of trial and error. I use different media and techniques to create my worlds of colour, applying paint intuitively and impulsively with dynamic brushstrokes. These colours mix, slide into each other and overlap, several times, many times, until a point is reached where I feel: "That's it!" Perfection is not my goal - it is life and vitality that I am looking for.


Over time, I have realised that I am more interested in the painting process itself than in the end result, which is perhaps what sets me apart from many other artists. Painting has become a central purpose in my life. It allows me to grow continuously, to boldly push my boundaries and to constantly discover new things and venture into the unknown.


Many ideas buzz around in my head, some are realised, some are not, and some I don't even know yet. The journey of creative discovery and conquest continues. Perhaps some of you will accompany me on this journey and feel inspired by my view of life and painting to dare to try something new yourself, to push your own boundaries and to be alive. That would make me very happy.

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